We are all Dying and it is Okay

How does one begin to talk about Death?

The Omnipotent never-changing ruler of Life.

I am only 18 years old and I have already begun thinking about such trivialities. Is Death really so trivial? I believe it is the underlying truth lying in secret behind all of our daily routines. As far as we know, there is nothing after Death. Death is the Universe. It controls all life. What is there to do about this?

No single person who has ever existed on Earth can truthfully tell me they know what happens after you die. Do not confuse this with “dying” and coming back. A coma, cardiac-arrest or anything of the sort are not what I am speaking of. I do not seem to be troubled by the unknown force behind Death, moreover I am intrigued and curious. Schopenhauer stated that Death was the “muse of philosophy.” In that case, it must also be the muse of religion, the muse of history, the muse of science (natural philosophy) and so on. I know this seems depressing. In many ways it is. However, the depression stems from the repression we exhibit on Death. As far as I am currently concerned, whichever school of thought or religion I decide to identify with, I am dying. Each and every one of us is. This does not inhibit us from leading lives well lived. We must live with passion and truth. With brutal honesty towards the lives we choose to lead.

There is a problem within our current culture associated with productivity. Supposedly, we need to be more productive. Especially with regards to information. We need to be more productive in order to account for all the additional information we are producing. False. We need to stop producing so much mindless information and focus on the larger problems that will lead to a greater understanding of our Universe. Take Elon Musk for example, he is the most “productive” human being the world has ever seen. There has been no predecessor to Elon Musk, he is a new type of human being. According to Ernest Becker’s perspective, Musk would be a prime example for a hyperanxious human being attempting to solidify his name in the Universe for all of time, to be immortal.

I do not say this as a negative, it is fantastic. He is achieving exponentially beneficial results for the entire human race. I have no doubt he will lead us to ever-greater futures, all of us. However, I don’t believe it is solely his job. He is putting himself in such a position to show me, and you, what is possible. I am going to change the way we think.


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