The Invisible Empire

Recently I’ve been writing for two blogs. The second one is a blog I started for English class. If you’d like to check it out you can find it here. It certainly is not as well done as this one. However, I find the content thought provoking and fun to write. Therefore, I’ve decided to post my latest article on both of them. Enjoy…

Initially I wanted to write a research paper in order to practice more long form writing. Seeing as the majority of my writing is blog posts from 200-600 words I do not get much practice. However, as I began researching my topic, The KKK in Canada, I began to find much more than I thought I would. As the days went by, I researched, I pondered, I meditated. Essentially I did nothing for the allocated 4 weeks of the project. As I am sure most of my fellow students did as well.

The project begins 2 nights before deadline. I have a solid understanding of why the KKK originated and what their general ideology was. Still no written proof of research.

Now, with one day left to display my research through a creative outlet, I lock myself in my room and don’t come out until my project is completely finished. Unless I need to eat or use the bathroom, or check my phone to continue procrastinating within my workspace…

Seven and a half hours go by and this is what I come up with:

A White Lion captures its prey

Brings back his Treasure

A feast, but the prey

Prays for saviour


Religion reduces rage

Christianity creates conflict

Islam interferes indefinitely

God’s gauntlet gratifies


“Drapetomania,” cries Cartwright

The Negro was not created right

Amputating and whipping

Cures for the non serving


Nathan Bedford Forrest

Pulaski, Tennessee

Confederation collapse creates

The “Grand Wizard” of the kyklos


Ku Klux Klan

Killing any man

Black and proud

Without a single shroud


Carnivals of crime

Within a civilized community

Civil, like the War,

Not the definition



Opposing integration

White, Black, Red all over

Events coloured in that order




They are kin


The KKK in Canada

White versus Red

All while waving

White and Red


Burning crosses for correction

In need of deep reflection

Universal male suffrage

Universal male suffering


Patriotism versus Racism

Two turns into One

Donald Trump’s America

Reinforcing the desire for a gun


White once again turning Red

Canada losing its head

The title: Refugee

In need of scrutiny


Soldiers of Odin

Committing sin

Acts of separation

Longing for individualisation


Long live the NAACP

Now is not the time for sorry

Ignorance can no longer be tolerated

Will there ever be an end to this bigotry?



Cameron Lamoureux


I am certainly no Shakespeare. However, I believe that writing poetry makes for a very interesting collecting of thoughts. Using precise words to convey an idea within a certain structure of constraints makes for a piece of text clearer yet more broad than possible with a regular research report. I found this piece of poetry to be an exciting and fulfilling exercise. Not to mention that the fulfillment from this project certainly didn’t stop here. I also got to hear and see and touch everyone else’s projects. Each conveying an individual story of forgotten Canadian history.

In a broader sense, everyone had a presentation relating to destruction. Canada is not as innocent as it may seem, even when compared to the rest of the world. Every project also had something to do with religion. Where there is destruction, there will most likely be religion. Most times, religion is the catalyst for destruction. Fear feeds off of religion because it places blame in the minds of those who do not obey the same set of rules as you. Oftentimes we do not fear individuals. What we fear lies beneath our perception of the individual. Potential.

I am unsure as to whether or not there is a solution to fear. Perhaps fear is not the problem. Destruction erupts due to a mishandling of fear. Transferring our fear to others without questioning ourselves. How can we train the individual to handle his fear in a controlled environment? This is what we must solve.


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