Meditation 101

Meditation and mindfulness are two topics that have interested me for a while now. Ever since Tim Ferriss mentioned in Tools of Titans that 80% of all the guests interviewed in his book perform some type of mindfulness practice daily, I’ve been experimenting with it daily as well. This immediately changed the way I saw meditation. It helps you feel more calm and has been scientifically proven to increase empathy, happiness as well as self-awareness. It also has physical benefits such as an increase in antibodies resulting in a stronger immune system. Not only do I think meditation is helpful, I think it should be mandatory. Especially nowadays in today’s overwhelming society full of Facebook notifications and Instagram DM’s, everyone should learn how to have a consistent source of relaxation always available to them. My practice has benefited my social interactions, my health and more than anything my mental well-being. I feel in control of how I feel and no longer rely on external sources of happiness. Continue reading “Meditation 101”