Box Theory

Where did all these boxes come from?

It seems like everything we do happens inside a box, inside a bigger box, inside a bigger box, ad infinitum. For most of us, there is nothing else. We eat in a box, sleep in a box, work in a box, anything and everything happens inside a box. By box I mean something created for the human species to occupy, take care of and expand. There are physical boxes outside of us, but there are also theoretical boxes inside of us. We must pay just as much attention to the latter kind. Continue reading “Box Theory”

My thoughts on: Financial Freedom

Lately I’ve been paying very close attention to my financial situation and potential ways to make more money. As well as how I could make my money work for me. After my research over the past couple weeks I’ve learnt a ton of ways to gain financial freedom and after it all I’ve observed that the most important factor in gaining financial freedom is TIME, start now and don’t trust your future self to say you’ll start tomorrow. All you will ever have is today. Continue reading “My thoughts on: Financial Freedom”