Belonging escapes me.

All there is to know is myself.

What more could there be?

Existential Catastrophe


The soul that seeks will not find.

Unknowingly, the heart destroys the mind.

How does one know what it cannot see?

Existential Inadequacy


Where the heart leads,

The soul will follow.

“Be the next Thoreau.”

Existential Sorrow


Of the world, I know little.

My mind will still whittle.

Where do I begin with this

Existential Riddle 


– Cameron Lamoureux

One thought on “Self”

  1. You are a legend. I read this everyday and it has made me a better person over the course of the year. Please tell me how i can be you and how you are this powerful. As i said, legend. Anyways, tootaloo.
    **kissy kissy*

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