Thank You, Rebecca Chambers.

Something that used to frustrate me a lot was the fact that I could never learn what I wanted to learn in school. Sitting in class taking notes, doing quizzes, solving problems, writing essays, making powerpoints. All of these things left me feeling accomplished in the end but only to a certain extent. I’ve felt that there has been something missing in my education for a long time. To fix this I turned to reading. The first book I read for my own personal interest was The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. At the time I was really interested in becoming an industrial designer. I still think it’s a really interesting field and after reading the book it opened my eyes to how design is something we are surrounded with on a daily basis without even being aware of it. This was the first time I learned something for myself for the sake of learning. Pursuing an interest that I had within the world around me. Very often we become shrouded by projects, essays and tests in high school and we lose touch with the things that truly interest us. Scratch your own itch.

Despite the many faults within the education system right now, it’s still crucial to play the game. As much as I would like to leave school behind and focus on reading my own books to form my own education, it is not something that I can do. Besides, I’ve met a ton of amazing people at school and if there’s any reason to go to school it’s for the relationships and connections you form with the people around you. This is probably the only reason why I’m excited for university next year.

I’ve been able to look at a ton of subjects that interest me in school thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Chambers, who has truly allowed for my rejuvenation through education. Everything she is doing in her classroom on a day to day basis is going to result in an enormous paradigm shift within the education system. Her teachings have allowed me to find passion in the world around me without relying independently on a cell phone or the Internet. Without her I probably wouldn’t be writing to you right now. Find inspiration from others and let it grow. Don’t lose interest in something because you’re too busy trying to get good grades in school. People pay for passion.

Whether or not you discover your talents and passions is partly a matter of opportunity. If you’ve never been sailing, or picked up an instrument, or tried to teach or to write fiction, how would you know if you had a talent for these things?” Sir Ken Robinson

As a final note I’d like to encourage you to find something that interests you and follow up on it. Don’t just post a picture of something you find interesting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, VSCO, etc. Learn something that you want to learn and share it with the people around you.

Thank you for reading,


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