Making Mistakes

Why do we let fear of failure reign supreme over our subconscious desires? I believe there are many reasons for this. However, the most important reason behind this is due to the fact that we don’t take risks. We are so accustomed to hiding behind a screen or relying on others to take risks for us that we lose sight of how and why it is so critical for our individual freedom. Continue reading “Making Mistakes”

Discipline: A Catalyst for Success

As mentioned in past posts, a lot has changed in the last year. Reflecting on the things I’ve accomplished I realize that much of what I have done is owed to a greater sense of discipline in everyday life. It has helped increase my productivity, awareness and mental well-being ten fold.  Continue reading “Discipline: A Catalyst for Success”

Thank You, Rebecca Chambers.

Something that used to frustrate me a lot was the fact that I could never learn what I wanted to learn in school. Sitting in class taking notes, doing quizzes, solving problems, writing essays, making powerpoints. All of these things left me feeling accomplished in the end but only to a certain extent. I’ve felt that there has been something missing in my education for a long time. Continue reading “Thank You, Rebecca Chambers.”

My thoughts on: Financial Freedom

Lately I’ve been paying very close attention to my financial situation and potential ways to make more money. As well as how I could make my money work for me. After my research over the past couple weeks I’ve learnt a ton of ways to gain financial freedom and after it all I’ve observed that the most important factor in gaining financial freedom is TIME, start now and don’t trust your future self to say you’ll start tomorrow. All you will ever have is today. Continue reading “My thoughts on: Financial Freedom”

Social Media: Connection without Meaning

Over the course of the past year (2017) I’ve made a ton of enormous changes in my life. I started reading books, meditating, taking cold showers and exercising every single day. I created fundamental habits leading to a more productive, happier life and the benefits I’ve experienced have been extraordinary. Now here’s the catch,  Continue reading “Social Media: Connection without Meaning”

My thoughts on: Superintelligence

Originally this post was to be named Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction. However, after struggling to write this post for the past 2 months I’ve realised it is a lot more than that.  Even then, 2 months is nowhere near the amount of time I would allocate to a post like this because the information is always changing and innovation is around every corner. Although procrastination has come to an end and I’ve got to start somewhere. So here we go. Continue reading “My thoughts on: Superintelligence”

Learning to Learn

From the moment we start school, we are taught to play. There is certainly a lot of benefit to play. Although, the older we become the less we do it, we lose connection with our own interests and become distracted by material factors such as money or a new promotion. Our minds and bodies become less of a priority while we focus on larger goals for the well-being of others.

Continue reading “Learning to Learn”

Meditation 101

Meditation and mindfulness are two topics that have interested me for a while now. Ever since Tim Ferriss mentioned in Tools of Titans that 80% of all the guests interviewed in his book perform some type of mindfulness practice daily, I’ve been experimenting with it daily as well. This immediately changed the way I saw meditation. It helps you feel more calm and has been scientifically proven to increase empathy, happiness as well as self-awareness. It also has physical benefits such as an increase in antibodies resulting in a stronger immune system. Not only do I think meditation is helpful, I think it should be mandatory. Especially nowadays in today’s overwhelming society full of Facebook notifications and Instagram DM’s, everyone should learn how to have a consistent source of relaxation always available to them. My practice has benefited my social interactions, my health and more than anything my mental well-being. I feel in control of how I feel and no longer rely on external sources of happiness. Continue reading “Meditation 101”