We are all connected. This statement has never been more true. Whether it be through the Internet, our social media accounts, our fitness trackers, our work life, our social life, our applications, our insurance plans, our search engines. Everything. It is as though we are moving more and more towards a singularity without even knowing it. Then what?

Although most of our interconnectivity stems from the Internet, it can be seen in many areas of our lives not relating to mass media whatsoever. Have you ever felt you knew someone by looking at them? Or perhaps there was something inexplicable that forced you to do something for no meaningful reason. The science behind these phenomenon is yet to be fully defined. However, advancements have been made. Particularly in the field of quantum physics. The theory of quantum entanglement suggests that any two particles, potentially infinite in distance, are entangled. Meaning that the state of each quantum particle cannot be described independently of the other particles’ states. I most definitely do not completely understand this concept. I also will not pretend to. Despite my lack of complete understanding, it seems to tell me something about my experience as a human being. We are all connected.

Now, what is there to do with this information? That is entirely up to you. However, I suggest taking a new approach in the way you look at every single action you perform on a daily basis.

If we are all theoretically connected through our particles, every action matters. Every single thing you do affects particles somewhere else in the world, near or far. This means it is up to you to create the positive repercussions you wish to see in the world.


If you’d like to read about Quantum Entanglement check out this article by Quartz. I’ve also found minutephysics on YouTube has a great breakdown of Quantum Physics.


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