Is Philosophy Worth It?

I have been a basketball player for the majority of my life. I enjoy basketball and most sports to this day. However, I no longer play. In the 11th grade I began reading seriously, as in, actually enjoying it. Previously, reading to me was what it would have been to any other jock that grew up on sports, irrelevant. Now, I read, think and try my best at writing. I’m still learning, as we all are.

My transition from basketballs to books arose out of pure curiosity. I’m glad for that. I was never forced to read, write or question the way I thought about life. Had I been forced, who knows how much I would resent the topics of Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, Literature and History.

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Ad Personalization: How Society Knows You

Ads are everywhere. We see them, we click on them, we very rarely enjoy them. However, one thing that has revolutionized the Advertising Industry over the last decade is Ad Personalization. This software has completely changed ads over the years and it is now becoming more important than ever to be aware of what corporations know about you (I’ve also been watching way too much Mr. Robot).  Continue reading “Ad Personalization: How Society Knows You”

The Invisible Empire

Recently I’ve been writing for two blogs. The second one is a blog I started for English class. If you’d like to check it out you can find it here. It certainly is not as well done as this one. However, I find the content thought provoking and fun to write. Therefore, I’ve decided to post my latest article on both of them. Enjoy…

Initially I wanted to write a research paper in order to practice more long form writing. Seeing as the majority of my writing is blog posts from 200-600 words I do not get much practice. However, as I began researching my topic, The KKK in Canada, I began to find much more than I thought I would. As the days went by, I researched, I pondered, I meditated. Essentially I did nothing for the allocated 4 weeks of the project. As I am sure most of my fellow students did as well.

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