We are all connected. This statement has never been more true. Whether it be through the Internet, our social media accounts, our fitness trackers, our work life, our social life, our applications, our insurance plans, our search engines. Everything. It is as though we are moving more and more towards a singularity without even knowing it. Then what? Continue reading “Interconnectivity”

The Invisible Empire

Recently I’ve been writing for two blogs. The second one is a blog I started for English class. If you’d like to check it out you can find it here. It certainly is not as well done as this one. However, I find the content thought provoking and fun to write. Therefore, I’ve decided to post my latest article on both of them. Enjoy…

Initially I wanted to write a research paper in order to practice more long form writing. Seeing as the majority of my writing is blog posts from 200-600 words I do not get much practice. However, as I began researching my topic, The KKK in Canada, I began to find much more than I thought I would. As the days went by, I researched, I pondered, I meditated. Essentially I did nothing for the allocated 4 weeks of the project. As I am sure most of my fellow students did as well.

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As I push my textbooks aside and begin typing the words being typed right now, I feel compelled to write about what is happening right now because it occurred to me that this is wrong. I have come to realize the unnecessary burden thrust upon me. This goes beyond the fact that school has taught me to hate school. Continue reading ““Education””

Get Balanced

We are surrounded by an ever increasing amount of irrelevant information every day. Whether it be through advertisements, tweets, captions, notifications, alerts, texts, etc. I cannot be the only one feeling overwhelmed here. How am I supposed to keep up with everyone else’s lives when the majority of the people I see on the internet are friends of friends of friends of friends girlfriends? It just doesn’t matter.  Continue reading “Get Balanced”